A Review of Some of the Best Portable Vaporizers in the Market

There are many portable vaporizers available in the market, and it can be confusing if you do not know exactly what you want and what features to look out for in order to have the best vaping experience. It is important to read the best portable vaporizer reviews to know what the industry experts and other vapers say about the numerous brands out there visit best portable vaporizer – portable vaporizer reviews. Below is a review of three of the most popular vaporizers on the market. Some of the factors considered include:

· Overall Portability
· Vapor quality
· Portability/ discreetness
· Compactness
· Battery life
· Price

Crafty Vaporizer

This vaporizer retails at $279. It is very easy to use as it only has one button. The rest of the controls are on the app. This means that it cannot be used without the app. The Crafty vaporizer has two temperature selections which range between 104 and 410 degrees Fahrenheit, and it is suitable for different vaping styles. It is very small and easy to carry in the pocket. The vaporizer uses both convection and conduction heating, but conduction heating is only used when pre-heating the bowl. It is the best vaporizer for dry herb vaping. The only problem with the Crafty vaporizer is the fact that it has a very short battery life compared to most other vaporizers and the battery is not easily replaceable.

Davinci IQ Vaporizer

The Davinci IQ vaporizer retails at $274. It has very high vapor quality and produces a very smooth taste, especially at high temperatures. This vaporizer comes with a 10-year warranty. It is very compact, making it easy to carry around. The Davinci IQ vaporizer has 3 control buttons and 4 temperature settings ranging from 250 to 430 degrees Fahrenheit. The Smart Paths feature greatly enhances the vaping experience as the vaporizer can be preset to change the temperature settings after every few minutes depending on what the vaper wants. The only downside is that it takes a long time to recharge.

Firefly 2 Vaporizer

This vaporizer retails at $329. It uses convection heating and has 5 temperature settings. It is very versatile as it can be used as a dry herb vaporizer or as a concentrate vaporizer. The battery is rechargeable and replaceable, and it comes with an extra battery for convenience. The battery takes only 45 minutes to recharge. The Firefly 2 vaporizer is a low-maintenance vaporizer as it does not have to be cleaned so often. It produces very smooth vapor at all temperature settings. This vaporizer can be used by two people at once.



Your choice of the best portable vaporizer ultimately depends on your vaping style and your preferences. You can be sure to get exactly what you want in terms of price, portability, battery life, vapor quality and all those other factors if you read portable vaporizer reviews and comparison shop. There are many other portable vaporizers available apart from the 3 mentioned above. All of them have their pros and cons, and you have to weigh them and buy the one that best suits your vaping needs. Visit this page for more information on vaporizers.

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